CRC for your GDPR requirements

The EU GDPR Compliance Data ruling started on May 25th 2018!! Does it apply to me? Do you use data such as: Emails Google analytics Mailing lists, Payments, Cached data when visitors browse your site IP address, capture video in your shop, have customer lists and purchase data? So much of our day to day activity. These and many other forms of data need to be compliant, so get in touch for more advice.

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This includes our semi automated systems to help cope with data delete or info disclosure requests!

There are many aspects of data collection. You will need to appoint a data protection officer and that can be you if needed. Also you need to set your terms and conditions to suit your company or trade as needed (although it will need to be checked over by a legal representative of yours to check it complies for your style of business). Britain has a Government team ready to start enforcing and looking to recruit lots more staff in the coming year.